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Did you know that it was Županja where football and tennis were played in Croatia for the first time? Nine Englishmen, who in 1880 decided to build a tannin factory in Županja, have the merit for this town’s sports tradition. One of them, Fredy Hepburn, married Katarina Horvatović, who has thus become the first Šokac lady, much loved even in the high English society.
If you have already visited Vukovar and Vinkovci, Županja will provide you with an entirely different experience and reveal an ambient of a unique rural architecture. Here you will find out about ‘ušoravanje’, meaning connecting of smaller surrounding villages into a unique whole. The history of the Županja border from the times of the Ottoman Empire has left a deep trace on the town, while the rivers Sava and the Slavonian forests are woven into the life of its inhabitants.The border watchtower is the most beautiful historic testimony and the only remaining military frontier monument on the Sava.


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Walk on the embankment of Sava, a favourite town promenade, leading from the sugar factory to the border watchtower, nowadays housing the Stjepan Gruber Native Museum, and further to the excursion site of Poloji, one of the most beautiful Slavonian river bathing places with a sandy beach, sports facilities and children’s playgrounds. The promenade on the Sava is an excellent choice also for an active vacation, bike ride or jogging. Incorrigible romantics will not miss a walk along the river in the evening hours, while passionate anglers will use every free moment expecting the catch of their life.


  1. 1. The border watchtower from the 19th century, the only preserved piece of the military frontier architecture in Croatia, houses the Stjepan Gruber Native Museum, which got its name after a geography professor.
  2. 2. The monument to the first football ball in Croatia in the centre of the town is a recognisable symbol of Županja.
  3. 3. The golden thread road offers forgotten customs, the traditional eno-gastronomic offer, best handicrafts and socialising with hospitable family farm landlords, and it connects Županja and the surrounding places: Štitar, Babina Greda, Kruševica, Cerna, Šiškovci, Gradište, Bošnjaci, Drenovciand Vrbanja.
  4. 4. The ‘Veliki kraj’ gallery is located in a traditional Šokac house in the centre of the town.
  5. 5. The excursion site ‘Županjski virovi’ will thrill nature lovers, while the Hunters’ cabin will delight gourmets and lovers of hunting and fishing.

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Irresistible goose stew will first seduce you with its scent while it slowly simmers on an open fire. This traditional dish from Županja was mostly prepared at the time of the harvest from domestic geese that could be found in any yard.

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Taste something completely new. Take riding lessons in the equestrian centre ‘Županjski kas’, so you can even go horseback riding along the Sava. An experience to remember!

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• ‘Šokačko sijelo’ event in February

• Harvesting and threshing in the past in July