Rural surroundings

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Have you not discovered some of the most beautiful stories in entirely unexpected places?The East of Croatia is full of such surprises. Travelling in the towns of Srijem and Slavonia, you will encounter ambient places and villages. Do not hurry, stop and listen… You will not be able to believe what can be found…


  1. 1. Forest Museum in Bošnjaci is a story about the deep connection of man and the forest.
  2. 2. The Sanctuary of ‘Gospa na Vodici’in Ilača and the Sanctuary of the Lady of Good Hope in Šumanovci near Gunjaare places of peace and hope and a testimony of Christian tradition in the East of Croatia that is several centuries old.
  3. 3. A mammoth made of hay in its natural size in Mohovois a unique opportunity for a selfie.This hay sculptureis not here by accident.The only fossil remnant of the young woolly mammoth more than ten thousand years old was found in Mohovo.
  4. 4. Gradište, Bošnjaci and Tordinci are attractive rural tourism destinations. You will enjoy the domestic brandy tasting, traditional ‘šlingeraj’ (drawing on textile)and a supreme eno-gastronomic offer.
  5. 5. The adrenaline park in Cerna, with all its types of fruit trees,to be found from the North of Africa to the North of Europe,and an artificial lake for fishing, is the right choice for a trip.



In a word - irresistible! This is how the traditional cuisine of the Vukovar-Srijem County could be described. If you visit restaurants with the designation ‘Okusi Srijema i Slavonije’ (Tastes of Srijemand Slavonia), you will enjoy the finest traditional specialties, delicious confectionary, supreme wines of the Srijem vineyards and fragrant brandies.


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