Tourist Boardof the Vukovar-Srijem County

Did you know?

Vukovar has his Nobel Prize winner - Lavoslava Ruzicka.

Šokci festival (22 February - 04 March)

All the hard work and dedication that the people of Županja invest into preserving their priceless cultural heritage become evident during this festivity stemming from the wealth of the Slavonian tradition 

Sumptously appointed horse-drawn carriages, which look as if they were taken from a museum, ride across the town with their proud coachmen dressed in most beautiful Slavonian folk costumes. Always attractive to guests regardless of where they come from, the Carnival parade is invariably accompanied by appropriate customs - brandy distilling and pig slaughtering. This year, all the colourful diversity will once again be enriched still more with folklore groups coming from other parts of Croatia and abroad. 

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