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Did you know?

Year 1899 in Ilok was founded Royal School of Viticulture, whose tradition College Ilok grown up to today.

Šokačko sijelo 18. - 28. veljače, Županja

The entire profusion and richness of Šokadija, as well as the beauty of the original Slavonian customs, garbs, cultural heritage, folklore, national opus, Slavonian soul, and everything else which the people of Županja are proud of for centuries, is woven into the cultural-entertaining and tourist manifestations. Šokačko sijelo, whose tradition started in the fifties, is held during the carnival time every year.



50. Šokačko sijelo

The programme of the manifestation includes evenings of folklore, various exhibitions, nativity plays, the most beautiful girl in a native costume pageant (“Šokački cvit” – “Šokac Flower”), festivals as well as the other performances. The most visitors come to the carnival procession, which has lots of participants and is a real tourist attraction in the open space.

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